Research Interests:

Set Theory: forcing, forcing axioms, infinitary combinatorics, cardinal characteristics of the continuum, applications of set theory to computability theory, analysis, topology and model theory (especially models of arithmetic)

Computability Theory: Forcing in computability theory, generalizations of computability, cardinal characteristics in the context of computability theory

Proof Theory and Logic in Computer Science: The Curry-Howard Correspondence, proof theory of modal logics, applications of proof theory to philosophy of logic and mathematics

Papers and Theses:

  1. The Cichon Diagram for Degrees of Constructibility (Submitted). Here is a preprint.
  2. Iterating Generalized Proper Forcings with Side Conditions, 2nd Year Masters’ thesis written under the supervision of Boban Velickovic for the program LMFI at Université de Paris VII
  3. Grands Cardinaux, Modèles Intérieurs et un Problème de Woodin, 1st Year Masters’ thesis written under the supervision of Mirna Dzamonja for the program LoPhiSc at Université de Paris I

Talks Given

  1. Set Theory Seminar, The Graduate Center, CUNY
    1. 11/10/17 A Cichon Diagram for Degrees of Constructibility, This was my oral exam
    2. 4/28/17, 5/12/17 Iterating Proper and Semiproper Forcings with Side Conditions Parts I and II
  2. Learning Seminar on the HOD Conjecture, Rutgers University
    1. 3/29/17 The HOD Dichotomy, Part I
  3. Models of Peano’s Arithmetic, The Graduate Center, CUNY
    1. 3/1/17, 3/8/17 Recursively Saturated, Rather Classless Models in the Constructible Universe, Parts I and II