Currently I am not teaching. In the past I have taught courses ranging from advanced Master’s level courses to precalc both in New York and Vienna. Below is a history of the courses I have taught.

University of Vienna

In the Winter term of 2020 I taught the Master’s level course Special Topics in Set Theory. The course covers more advanced forcing including iterated forcing and its applications to cardinal characteristics and infinite combinatorics.

Here are the course notes.

Hunter College

From January 2018 to December 2020 I taught at Hunter College first as a Graduate Teaching fellow through my PhD grant and then (for Fall 2020) as a lecturer. In every course I taught I was the primary instructor, in charge of preparing all lecture notes and writing, administering and grading all exams and homework. I taught Calculus I (ten times), Precalculus (twice) and Mathematical Proofs Workshop (once). For more details on my teaching at Hunter see here.

Bard High School Early College

In the Fall 2020 I co-taught College Mathematics Seminar with Ben Rubenstein at Bard High School Early College, a public high school in New York City which, in collaboration with Bard College, offers academically advanced students two years of college courses.