Corey Bacal Switzer

SFphotoHello! I am a PhD student in mathematics at the CUNY Graduate Center working under the joint supervision of Professors Gunter Fuchs and Joel David Hamkins.  My main research interests lies in set theory, particularly iterated forcing, forcing axioms, infinite combinatorics and cardinal characteristics. I am also very interested in applications of forcing to other areas of logic and mathematics. On this page you’ll find information about my research and my teaching.

I am the co-organizer, with Victoria Gitman, of the CUNY Set Theory Seminar.

Here is a copy of my cv.

2 thoughts on “Corey Bacal Switzer

  1. Hi Corey, I saw on “This Week in Logic” your mention of at concrete true but unprovable (in PA) Pi^0_1 sentence. I would be very interested in this in connection with a talk I’ll be giving in January at the JMM meetings. I’d be grateful for information. -Martin


    1. Dear Martin,

      Thank you for your interest in my talk. The bulk of my talk concerns the paper “On Logical Sentences in PA” by Saharon Shelah from the volume Logic Colloquium ’82. Any contribution of mine is essentially cosmetic, however the paper is not very detail heavy and I have tried to work out the specifics etc. The true \Pi^0_1 sentence is essentially a particularly uniform version of the finite axiom of choice for sequences of finite structures. I am currently in the process of typing up the details and would be more than happy to send you a copy as soon as it’s completed (hopefully in the next two weeks). If you would like, feel free to send me an email at cswitzer[at]gradcenter[dot]cuny[dot]edu so I know where to send the notes.




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